Collaborative information seeking and its application in tourism


The research project


Brief description The project aims to better understand group behaviour of information seeking. Collaboration is an essential aspect of modern life; collaborative work, including tourism, encompasses obtaining and using information. However, most information behaviour models focus on the individual seeker of information, rather than on improving collaboration and team performance. The project builds models and develops guidelines for understanding and supporting collaborative information seeking behaviour in the context of tourism. Making it easier for tourists to find information is expected to benefit the Australian tourism industry.


PhD Journey

Supervisory panel

Principal Supervisor: Dr Tina Du

Co-supervisors: Prof. Sam Huang, Prof. Marianna Sigala, Assoc. Prof. Helen Ashman

Associate Supervisor: Associate Professor Preben Hansen (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Industry Advisor: Mr. Peter Reid (South Australian Tourism Commission)


Follow the project on : ReserachGate (Preben) / Tina’s page